A small assortment of Queen & Country pieces by the amazing Brian Hurtt.  Tara and Paul are my favourite characters and I especially enjoyed young Paul in his Declassified story.  The parallels and contrasts between him and Tara when they were both exceptional field agents at the height of their abilities were just very profound, as was the tonal difference between the work being done by the SIS during the bitter years of the Cold War versus what it does now in the modern age.  That story also did a lot, in a fairly subtle way, to inform the reader of Tara’s personal situation by allowing us a look into a very different home life.  While both she and Paul were expected to excel, and could expect death as the very real consequence of failure, Tara has no support base while Paul has his fat Jenny.  But I’m getting way off track here.

Threw in the picture including Ed and Tom as the header because NOSTALGIA.  They grow up so fast, and die so young.

I could basically fill this entire blog with Queen & Country if I wanted to.